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Blast Resistant Glazing Design for Architectural Applications
This software provides blast resistant glazing designs in single laminated glass or insulating glass fabricated with at least one laminated glass lite.  The user defines a design blast threat to the software in terms of the weight of a hemispherical TNT charge and its standoff distance from the proposed glazing.  The software returns a 3-second equivalent design loading suitable for designing window glass constructions fabricated with laminated glass, recommended nominal thickness designations for single laminated glass or both lites of a double glazed insulating glass units fabricated with one or two laminated glass lites, and the recommended bead size for structural sealant to hold the glazing in its frame during an explosion.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website


Wind Loads on Structures According to ASCE 7 (WLS 4)
This expert software, written by a group of the world’s leading wind engineers, takes the effort out of computing wind loads on structures. WLS allows the designer to “build” the building in the software. It reads the ASCE 7-2010 wind speed map. It allows the user to enter topographic data consistent with that contained in ASCE 7. It then computes wind loads for the Main Wind Force Resisting System as well as Components and Cladding elements. In contains numerous calculators and information screens.  For purchase information, visit the Standards Design Group website.